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Ethiopian Trade Ministers Replaced

Ethiopian Trade Minister Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed and Minister of State for Trade Ahmed Tussa were removed from their posts last week. The two ministers have been replaced just over a year after their appointment.

The ministers were relieved of their duties primarily due to increasing public discontent following the introduction and subsequent elimination of price caps early this year according to sources. The slow pace of the ministry in effecting the Growth and Transformation Plan was also cited as another reason for their replacement. Add a comment Add a comment

Ethiopian Airlines Postpones Flight to Seychelles

Ethiopia Airlines announced that it has postponed the opening of flight services to Seychelles. The Airlines made the decision to postpone the expected flight services due to operational reasons according to a press release by the company.

Ethiopian expressed its regrets at any inconvenience that may be caused to its customers by the decision to postpone flight services. The Airlines has committed to make sure that all passengers with tickets and confirmed bookings are booked onto alternative flights.

The flights to Seychelles were expected to begin as of the 15th of November.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines Press Release

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Ethiopian Capital to Implement New Building Height Regulation

The Addis Ababa City Administration announced that the building height regulation has been raised to 55 floors. Buildings in Addis were previously limited to a maximum of 20 floors.

The regulation was revised to take into consideration elements including environmental impact, infrastructural development, and security concerns as well as maintaining historical sites according to city administration and Urban Information and Plan Institute officials. 

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Egypt Working to Narrow Gap in Trade with Ethiopia

Egypt is working to narrow the gap in the volume of its trade with Ethiopia according to Mohamed Edrees, Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia. The Ambassador made the announcement in relation to a five day business visit to Ethiopia by a 25 person Egyptian delegation.

Strengthening economic ties between the two countries is an important element of the new relations being forged between Ethiopia and Egypt according to Ambassador Edrees.  Reducing the import-export gap is an important factor to safeguard mutual interest in the new win-win relations established between the two countries he said.

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Ethiopia to Export Technology by 2025

Ethiopia is seeking the capacity to export technology by the year 2025 according to the Ministry of Science and Technology. The ministry made the announcement at the event marking the 2011 World Science Day.

The country is committed to encourage the application of science and technology as a means to assure equality among all sections of society to enhance sustainable public participation said a representative of Dassie Dalkie Minister of Science and Technology.

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