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Ethiopia to Export Technology by 2025

Ethiopia is seeking the capacity to export technology by the year 2025 according to the Ministry of Science and Technology. The ministry made the announcement at the event marking the 2011 World Science Day.

The country is committed to encourage the application of science and technology as a means to assure equality among all sections of society to enhance sustainable public participation said a representative of Dassie Dalkie Minister of Science and Technology.

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Ethiopian Chamber Launches Trade Fair

The fourth Ethio-Chamber Trade Fair opened in Addis Ababa under the theme of ‘Buy Ethiopia.’ The fair is expected to forge strong links between business actors as well as promoting goods and services said Mekonnen Manyazewal Minister of Industry.

The fair is an opportunity for knowledge transfer resulting in increased business confidence in participants he said opening the fair.

It is anticipated that the fair will encourage local manufactures to commit their attention to enhancing the quality of their goods and services added Mekonnen. It is hoped that such efforts will contribute to realizing import substitution he noted.

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Ethiopian Inflation Falls to 39.8% in October

The Ethiopian statistics agency announced on Friday that the annual inflation rate fell to 39.8% in October. This is a decrease from the 40.1% inflation recorded last month according to the statement by the agency.

Food prices, however still increased this month largely due to the price of cereals according to the Statistics Agency. The total price index of cereals has seen an increase of 63.1% in comparison to the same month last year explained the agency.

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Ethiopian Entrepreneur Honored By International Award

Ethiopian woman entrepreneur, Samrawit Moges, was honored, as one of a 100 women from across the globe, with inspirational achievements. The award, organized by The International Alliance for Women, was held in Washington DC on the 27th of October.

“We have been inspired and humbled by the stories of people like you who, often without fanfare, have taken action to support women’s economic empowerment and advancement in society and business” read the letter of award to Samrawit.

Samrawit is the first Ethiopian to be honored in the entrepreneurial category. She was nominated by Nigist Haile founder and Executive Director of the Center for African Women Economic Empowerment and honorary member of TIAW.

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Ethio-German Konnect, to Promote Business Networking

Ethio-German Konnect (EGK), a forum and networking event, was opened on Wednesday. The business forum is expected to create business opportunities for Ethiopian and German entrepreneurs.

The three day event will present various elements of Ethio-German business relations including private sector development partnership, investments and joint ventures.

EGK is organized by the Returning Experts Program of the Center for International Migration and Development.

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