Import and Export

This section contains articles on the import/export trade to and from Ethiopia.

Import - Export trade (except a few items - you may check our Investment Regulations page) of the below items is reserved for domestic investors only:

  1. import trade, excluding liquefied petroleum gas and bitumen; 
  2. export trade of raw coffee, Khat, oilseeds, pulses, minerals, hides and skins, products of natural forest, chicken and livestock including pack animals bought on the market;

import-exportEngaging in an export business in Ethiopia is a good business venture; export from the country is growing and the government also encourages the sector. Ethiopia's main export product is coffee; the country is credited to be the birth place of coffee and it has long been its major export product. Not only that, coffee plays a central role in the Ethiopian social fabric.

Ethiopia imports a wide range of goods: from heavy machinery and steel to chewing gum. A large number of Ethiopian businesses are engaged in import activities. Even though the growing manufacturing industries will provide substitutes for some goods, Ethiopia will very likely continue to import most of the goods it's importing now. Participating in the import trade in Ethiopia may be a good idea for a domestic trader; a foreign exporter also can make use of the growing import to Ethiopia and sell its goods to Ethiopian Importers. Construction machinery and vehicles, steel, chemicals, and recently cement are goods that are imported to Ethiopia in huge quantities.

2Merkato provides a list of Ethiopian importers and exporters in different sectors on its Business Directory Page. Therefore, foreign companies that are interested to do business with Ethiopian Importers can communicate via the business directory; those who wish to find agents or representatives to their products in Ethiopia, you can communicate via the Agencies Section in our business directory.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration is the government organ responsible for trade related activities in Ethiopia. It's located in Addis Ababa near Hilton Hotel on the way to Kazancis to Filwuha. It is a must place to visit for those who're planning to be involved in business in general and import trade in particular.

Its full address is:

Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration
Location: Arat Killo (Behind Tourist Hotel)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251 11 5518025-29/ +251 11 5513990 (Minister's office)
Fax: +251 11 5515411/5514288