The Ethiopian Customs Commission, which is organized under the Ministry of Revenues, is the main organ that is responsible for the customs operation in Ethiopia. Previously it was the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority that oversaw the customs operation in Ethiopia.


 The Customs section of 2Merkato contains important information on Customs Regulations, Procedures, Tariff and HS Code in Ethiopia.

  • Under Customs Regulations, you can find the list of different proclamations and regulations and their amendments (if any) and the highlights of these documents, and links to the website of the Authority.
  • On Customs Procedures page, you can find the various customs formalities to follow and also the documents needed.
  • On the Tariff page, you will find the main tariffs of highly imported goods to Ethiopia and a link to the tariff page of the Authority website .
  • On the HS Code page you can find out what the Harmonized System Codes (HS Code) is and how to get the HS code of a specific good with links to various websites.


Ethiopian Customs Commission 
Location: Debrezeyit Road, Meshualekia
Phone: +251 11 6675458, +251 11 5578851
Fax: +251 11 6629873

Ethiopian Ministry of Revenues 
Location: Megenagna
Phone: +251 11 6629800 
Fax: +251 11 6629873