Spectrum Engineering PLC

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LocationBole Sub City, Wereda 04, Yeab Building, 5th Floor, Office Number 506, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryTelecommunication Engineering
Spectrum Engineering PLC


Founded in 2017 Spectrum is involved in the implementation of telecom infrastructure, as well as the provision of internet service to households and business clients.

From mobile network deployment (3G, LTE, Adv 4G, 5G) to wired telecom network infrastructure construction, telecom power solutions, and broadband internet service, we offer a wide range of services.

To form a lifelong relationship with our customers and be one of the most impactful telecom companies in Africa within 10 years 1vis

Connecting Ethiopians and unlocking digital opportunities through cutting-edge telecom.

In partnership with Ethio Telecom, we provide residential and business clients with a high-speed, reliable, and affordable broadband internet connection.

We also built a telecom infrastructure in partnership with telecom vendors like ZTE, Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia. Our team’s capability ranges from network planning, design & implementation of network testing & optimization


  • Broadband Internet
      • High speed
      • Affordable
      • Reliable
  • Telecom Infrastructure
      • Site survey & design
      • Telecom power solutions
      • Cellular networks
      • Microwave links
      • Optical network
      • Testing & Optimization
      • LAN/WAN

1huawClient: HUAWEI

      • 4G_Power System and new site survey and design
      • AA ET LTE layering project
      • MSAN Survey and Installation
      • MSAN Installation Indoor & Outdoor
      • Ethio-Telecom Datacenter Installation at MW and Old-airport sites (PCRF for LTE & 5G)
      • Colo site survey for Safaricom
      • New site installation for Safaricom


      • Complete Site Survey
      • Power equipment transportation
      • 14kva & 21kva DG installation
      • Battery cabinet installation with battery
      • Rectifier cabinet installation
      • Solar installation
      • SPD box, ATS, and DCDB installation
      • Power and communication cable installation and connection
      • power equipment configuration
      • Cutover

1zteClient: ZTE

      • MSAG & MSAN Survey and Design
      • LTE Site Survey andDesign
      • ZTE TEP Projects

1mappClient: Mapple Distilleries Ethiopia
Implementing a network infrastructure at the Sendafa plant



  • Ayat
  • Tafo
  • 49 Mazoriya
  • Meri
  • Figa
  • Bole
  • Goro


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Email:- spectrum.abel@gmail.com
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