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African Development Bank Approves USD 104 Million to Boost Ethiopia’s Power Sector

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The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has granted approval for a transmission project in Eastern Ethiopia, securing a financing of USD 104 million. This project, funded by the African Development Fund and Korea's Economic Development Cooperation Fund, aims to benefit various communities, including small farmers, livestock farmers, manufacturers, and students.

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Ethiopia: Ministry Announces Revised Fuel Prices

The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration announced a revision on prices for fuel, starting from August 29, 2023. The Ministry cited the global surge in fuel prices as the main reason for the fuel price increment. The fuel prices remained unchanged since June, 2023.

The revised price of the different types of fuel/gas is as follows.

Fuel Type

Revised Price, per liter


Birr 74.85

White diesel

Birr 76.34


Birr 76.34

Airplane fuel

Birr 68.58

Light black diesel

Birr 62.22

Heavy black diesel

Birr 61.07

Source: Fana BC

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