Ethiopia used to have a rich shipping tradition - ports of Adulis and Zeyila had been the sea ports that were used by Ethiopian and foreign merchants. Today, Shipping in Ethiopia is alive and thriving. Even though Ethiopia is a landlocked country, it uses Djibouti and Tadjoura ports in Djibouti (mainly) and Berbera port to ship its import and export cargo.


Starting with Modjo, stationed some 70 km East of Addis, Ethiopia has so far built eight inland dry ports. Ethiopian Airlines (EAL) and Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics (ESL) - a mega company formed by the merger of Ethiopian Shipping Lines, Ethiopian Dry Ports Enterprise and Maritime Transit Services Enterprise - enjoy a kind of monopoly or protection on goods imported to Ethiopia by air and on sea respectively.

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics (ESL) is the country’s flag carrier and the majority of the cargo that is imported to Ethiopia is carried by ESL.

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