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Ethiopian PM Hosts Fundraiser Dinner for Beautifying Addis

404Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hosted the “Dine for Sheger” event at the National Palace last night. The event is a fundraising effort to the Beautifying Sheger Project, announced at the end of February this year, calling upon benefactors, both individuals and organizations, to contribute 5 million birr per seat to secure a spot at the event.

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Ethiopia's GDP Likely to Double Every Decade, Report Says

Ethiopia’s GDP growth will exceed and expand the 7 percent mark characteristic of the African continent well into the 2020’s, as per a report by the British Bank Standard Chartered and ASEAN’s Macroeconomic Research Office. Pacing up with Ethiopia is the other African country Cote d’Ivoire.

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Ethiopia Partnership Forum Underway in Washington D.C.

787au lThe U.S. Department of State hosted the “Ethiopia Partnership Forum”, an economic engagement platform organized in by the Secretary of State’s office of Global Partnerships in collaboration with the Corporate Council on Africa, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Citi in Washington D.C.

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