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Ethiopia to Build New Agro Industrial Park

agro-industry-park-genEthiopia's Oromia Industrial Parks Development Corporation inked an agreement for the construction of an agro-industrial park resting on 250 hectares of land at a cost of 7.8 billion birr. The industrial park, which is to be built in the town of Nekemte, will be constructed by Walabu Construction Share Company.

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Ethiopia to Reduce Fuel Subsidy, Raise Oil Prices

fuelEthiopia's Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that it has decided to cut down fuel subsidy to 75 percent, subsequently slightly raising fuel prices so users cover the 25 percent. The Ministry has related that the Ethiopian government has spent 24.05 billion birr (over $608.5 million) for oil price subsidy in the last two years alone.

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