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Ethiopia: Customs Commission Selects 193 Companies for the Privileged Economic Operators Program

193 Companies Customs Commission

The Ethiopian Customs Commission (ECC) allowed 193 companies to be the beneficiaries of the “Privileged Economic Operators Program”. The program will give the recognized companies the opportunity to get quick services at any customs office of the Commission and Government institution.

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Ethiopia Gains USD 48.23 Million from Electricity Export


Ethiopia secured USD 48.23 million in seven months from the export of electricity to neighboring countries. Accordingly, the country earned USD 24.5 million from electricity export to Djibouti while it gained USD 20.6 million and 3.09 million from exports to Sudan and Kenya, respectively.

According to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), only 10% of the country’s total generated power is being exported. The current installed power generation capacity of EEP is 5200 Megawatts.

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Ethiopia: Sunvado Exports 120 Tons of Avocado Oil

Sunvado Avocado

Sunvado Avocado Oil Factory supplied 120 tons of avocado oil to foreign markets in the current fiscal year. The Netherlands is the main market destination for the company’s products.

Sunvado, which was founded in 2018, is located in Yirgalem Integrated Agro Industrial Park and works with 80 thousand farmers. It has created employment opportunities for 320 citizens. It is Tradin Organic’s, a Dutch company, processing facility for premium avocado oil.

Source: Fana BC and Sunvado

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Ethiopia: Coffee Export Reaches USD 787 Million Within Eight Months


Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced that Ethiopia earned USD 787 million from coffee export during the past 8 months. According to the Authority, Ethiopia achieved a better performance in coffee export when compared to the same period in the last fiscal year even though the Ukraine-Russia war affected the European coffee market which was the top destination for Ethiopian coffee.

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