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Jigjiga Airport Inaugurated

The new Airport built in Jigjiga, Ethiopia built for 68.4 million birr was inaugurated at the end of last month. The airport was inaugurated by Abdi Omer Mohammed, President of Somali Regional State.

The terminal was named Garad Wilwal, after the name of a well known clan leader in the region, at the request of the Somali Regional State Government.

The construction work was conducted by Asmelash & Sons Construction Company under the design and supervision of National Consultancy. The terminal has the capacity of handling 176 passengers per peak hours of operation, offices that can be used for various purpose, restaurants, and shops as announced at the inauguration.


Jijiga International Airport, Ethiopia to Be Operational

Jijiga International Airport, Ethiopia is expected to inaugurate its passenger terminal and become operational in the coming few days. The construction of the airport took more than three years with the inauguration schedule delayed by more than a year.

The new passenger terminal will raise the number of passengers the airport is able to host from just 20 to 176 as well as offering place for offices, duty free shops, banking services, restaurants, souvenir shops and other amenities said Wondim Teklu, Head of Public Relations with the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise.


Kassem Dam Project Near to Completion

The Kassem Dam project is near to completion according to the Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise. The project launched at a total cost of 2.5 billion birr is expected to finalize in November.

Eight-five percent of the construction project has already been finalized with the last stage of the project began seven years underway according to Ashnafi Yelekal, Engineer Manager with the Kessem Dam and Irrigation Project.

The dam which is expected to have the potential to retain more than 500 million cubic meters of water that can cultivate more than 20 thousand hectares of land can currently cultivate 1500 hectares of land said Ashnafi.

The Dam construction project is being undertaken by the Water Works Construction Enterprise. The dam is expected to be the biggest dam to be constructed by the enterprise. The project has created job opportunities for the local community.

Source: ENA

Magercon, to Construct United Insurance, Ethiopia Mall

United Insurance, Ethiopia has awarded Magercon Construction the contract to for the first phase of construction on the 42 million birr mall in Addis Ababa.

The insurance company has been negotiating over the 20,000m2 plot of land for the building requiring a revised site plan after claiming to have lost an estimated 200m2 due to road constructions.

United was awarded its revised plant by the City Administration with the understanding that it should commence construction in six months.  


MetEC, to Include Local Contractors in Ethiopian Projects

The Metal Engineering Corporation has issued an invitation to all Grade one licensed contractors in Ethiopia to participate in its projects according to sources.

Seven companies of a total of 44, who presented their company profiles in response to the invitation, were selected.

The seven companies include Sunshine Construction plc, Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction plc and Sur Construction plc. The companies will form a consortium to consult the Corporation on its construction processes.