MetEC, to Include Local Contractors in Ethiopian Projects

The Metal Engineering Corporation has issued an invitation to all Grade one licensed contractors in Ethiopia to participate in its projects according to sources.

Seven companies of a total of 44, who presented their company profiles in response to the invitation, were selected.

The seven companies include Sunshine Construction plc, Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction plc and Sur Construction plc. The companies will form a consortium to consult the Corporation on its construction processes.

Zamra Construction, Sunshine, Sur and Tekleberhan Ambaye were selcted to undertake independent projects while Deta Engineering, Equatorial Engineering, Yoteck Construction, Radar Engineering, and Sahle Mariam Construction were offered shared projects it was learned.

Sur and Sunshine decline the projects they were selected for due to being overextended and Zamra opted to undertake a project in collaboration with others.

Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction signed a 792 million birr contract with MetEC last week for earthwork on the Yayu One, one of the fertilizer factories that the Federal government is financing.

Teklebrehan Ambaye, Sunshine, Sur, and Zamra Construction were, thus, selected to undertake projects on their own, while Deta Engineering, , and were listed as having to share projects among themselves.

The contractor will be expected to complete the excavation work and of covering the project site with cement in seven months.

The plan is to level ground up to 24 meters in height and is expected to be a challenge for TbAc which has been engaged in building so far said Seifu Ambaye Deputy General Manager of the Company.

Source: Addis Fortune