Jigjiga Airport Inaugurated

The new Airport built in Jigjiga, Ethiopia built for 68.4 million birr was inaugurated at the end of last month. The airport was inaugurated by Abdi Omer Mohammed, President of Somali Regional State.

The terminal was named Garad Wilwal, after the name of a well known clan leader in the region, at the request of the Somali Regional State Government.

The construction work was conducted by Asmelash & Sons Construction Company under the design and supervision of National Consultancy. The terminal has the capacity of handling 176 passengers per peak hours of operation, offices that can be used for various purpose, restaurants, and shops as announced at the inauguration.

The construction of the passenger terminal is expected to boost tourism to visit the historical artifacts to Hara  city, the  Babile natural rock formations and,  the Somali Regional State’s immense Agro industry, supporting the development of the region and the country. In addition to this the Airport is expected to strength socio-economic and political relation of the region with the neighboring countries, Somalia, republic of Somaliland, and Djibouti.

The previous terminal was criticized for being exposed to weather conditions and lack different facilities.

Source: Capital