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Imports Dominate Ethiopian Home and Office Décor Expo

The Ethiopian Home and Office Décor Expo, 2011 was dominated by imported goods it was said. The Expo was organized at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center by the HPP Exhibition Company, Netherlands.

Various furniture companies took part in the exhibition, while products on show were said to be imports from East Asia.

Customers opt for imports because they can’t find what they want locally produced said Meron Hailu General Manager of Dream Furniture. Dream furniture imports furniture from Malaysia where good leather and bamboo products are to be found according to Meron.

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Boeing Dream Tour to Include Ethiopian Capital

Boeing is to begin a six month international tour to promote the 787 Dreamliner. The tour is expected to make a stop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between the 11th and 16th of December.

Ethiopian Airlines purchased 10 of the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft in 2005 and expects to take charge of two next year.

The Dream Tour aircraft has been specially fitted to highlight the capabilities of the aircraft and cabin features.

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Ethiopian Customs Directive to Exclude Diplomats

The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority amended the directive that required custom and duties to be calculated for insurance coverage to exclude diplomats.

The directive that enabled the authority to collect customs duties from insurance coverage when accidents occur had caused complaints from international and regional organizations as well as diplomatic missions.

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Ethiopia to Develop National Soil Fertility Map

Ethiopian ministries of Mine, Agriculture and Industry are conducting a study to develop a national soil fertility map in collaboration with the Agriculture Transformation Agency.

The national soil fertility map is part of the plans to enhance agricultural productivity set out by the Ministry of Agriculture. The plans prioritize replenishing soil fertility and a more cautious use of fertilizers.

The map is expected to identify soil fertility in different areas said Takalign Mamo, advisor to the State Minister of MoA.

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