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Ethiopia Aims to Collect $9 Bn from Exports, Rank in Top 50 in Ease of Doing Business in Next Decade

ministry-of-trade-and-industryEthiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) said it plans to collect $9 billion in the next ten years. The Ministry aims to achieve this mainly by increasing the export potential of Ethiopia's manufacturing industry. The Ministry also announced that it aims to make Ethiopia in the top 50 countries in ease of doing business.

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Huawei Planning to Move Regional Office from DRC to Ethiopia

huawei-logoHuawei Technologies Corp. seeks to get more business in Ethiopia and "is likely to move" its regional office from the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) to Ethiopia, where it currently has a country office. Huawei's move is aimed at Ethiopia's economy opening up its telecommunications sector, Bloomberg reported.

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