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Ethiopia, Pan African Federation of Accounting Team Up to Strengthen Accounting Practices


The Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE) joined forces with the Pan African Federation of Accounting (PAFA) to host a "Quality Assurance Review Workshop." This initiative aims to elevate accounting and auditing standards across Africa.

The workshop prioritized creating consistent practices throughout the continent. A key outcome was the approval of a comprehensive manual, designed to boost the acceptance of African accounting reports on a wider scale.

Highlighting the manual's importance, AABE's Director General, Hikmet Abdela, emphasized its role in fostering quality and integrity within Africa's accounting and auditing landscape.

Discussions also addressed harmonizing professional qualifications for accountants. This will facilitate their movement within the African Continental Free Trade Area, offering economic advantages for Ethiopia and fellow member countries.

Founded in 2011, PAFA (based in Dakar, Senegal) strives to unite African accounting professionals and amplify their voices on the international stage, including bodies such as the International Federation of Accountants. Ethiopia stands alongside Benin, Botswana, Burundi, and several other African nations as members of PAFA.

Source: Capital Ethiopia