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Ethiopia Formulates a Logistics Master Plan

Logistics Plan 2

Ethiopia has formulated a logistics master plan to enhance and strengthen its logistics system. A validation workshop for the first phase of the plan took place, where the State Minister of Transport and Logistics, Denge Boru, emphasized the importance of regular review and improvement of the logistics sector.

The State Minister emphasized the crucial role of logistics as the backbone of all economic sectors, underscoring the need for continuous assessment and improvement of the sector plan.

The National Logistics Strategy (NLS) was previously developed to address shortcomings, and the new master plan aims to improve the country's logistical competitiveness. The Ethiopian Maritime Authority highlighted the plan's role in identifying gaps and addressing them, particularly in infrastructure, warehouses, and digitalization. The master plan is seen as crucial for Ethiopia's economic development, with a focus on global competitiveness and addressing challenges in the logistics sector.

DT Global, an international consultant, was involved in developing the Ethiopian Logistics Master Plan. The plan's implementation is currently being discussed with stakeholders after finalizing data validation from various institutions.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency