Toyota to Assemble Cars in Nairobi

The corporation will assemble cars for sale in Ethiopia

Toyota Corporation is set to upgrade and expand a Kenyan motor vehicle assembly company after buying 50 percent of its shares, Dennis Awori, chairman of Toyota Kenya said this week.

The Corporation's investment in the expansion of the motor vehicle assembly company reaches about three billion shillings.

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Adami Tulu Pesticide Producer to Open New Factories

Adami Tulu Pesticide Processing SC is scheduled to inaugurate mosquito nets and herbicides factories built at a total cost of 26 million birr in August.

The factories will be constructed by Adami Tulu, a government owned company established in 1998, near Ziway, Oromia Regional State, at a cost of 40.5 million birr.

The machinery for the mosquito net factory was imported from China. It is expected that the factory will save Ethiopia 4.5 million dollars, which accounts for about 40 percent of the cost of importing mosquito nets annually.

"When it reaches full capacity, the factory will produce all three million mosquito nets thereby saving the country up to 14 million dollars in foreign currency with the expertise and technological knowhow from the Chinese company," Samuel Samuel Halala, general manager of Adami Tulu, said.

The factory will buy emulsifiers and mineral fillers locally, while it will import other raw materials like active ingredients for pesticide production.

Adami Tulu had planned to make 154 million birr this fiscal year; however, it collected 97 million birr over the last 10 months. In the planting season, however, it expects to earn more than the target in the coming two months.

Source: Fortune

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Mesfin to Assemble Cars for Local Market

Mesfin Industrial Engineering launched Saturday an assembly plant for Addis Car in partnership with Geely International Corp, a Chinese manufacturer. Addis Cars will assemble Geely cars powered by 1.3cc engines and equipped with double airbags and an anti-breaking system.

Mesfin has been assembling trucks and this is the first time for it to assemble automobiles. With the machinery the company imported for 10 million birr, it is capable of assembling five Geely automobiles at a time and over 800 a year.

Mesfin Industrial had imported 34 completely built units of Geely cars to test its appeal to middleclass customers at the end of 2010. The cars were sold at 285,000 birr each, which encouraged Mesfin Industrial to install the assembly plant, according to Yusuf, manager of sales and promotion at Mesfin Industrial.

Mesfin also has the sole distribution rights in Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan where Geely is not licensed to distribute. The company has been the exclusive importer and distributor of Geely cars in Ethiopia since August 2010.

By February 2011, 13 vehicle and tractor assembly companies were licensed and started operation. Some of companies are owned by foreigners, according to the Ethiopian Investment Agency.

Source: Fortune

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