New Customs Directive to Avoid Manufacturing Delays in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority issued a new directive which allows manufacturing companies importing raw materials into Ethiopia to be taxed on the basis of their transaction costs.

The customs authority will conduct a post clearance audit within 15 days to reclaim the balance should there exist discrepancies between the transaction values on the invoices and ERCA’s data.

This directive aims to alleviate delays in production due to the time it takes for raw materials being processed by customs according to Fekadu Bekele, Customs Valuation Directorate.

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Chinese Footwear Company to Begin Operations in Ethiopia

Chinese footwear company, Hujuan, is to begin operations in Ethiopia. Hujuan commenced investment activities in Ethiopia two months ago and is in the final stages of constructing a factory in Dukem. The factory is expected to produce 3000 pairs of shoes daily for export.

Hujan anticipates that production will begin in its Ethiopian factory early in the New Year according to Berhanu Nigus, Head of Quality Testing and Certification Services at the Leather Industry Development Institute.

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Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector Earns 72 Million US Dollars

The Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector has earned an income of 72 million US dollars in the first quarter of the current fiscal year according to the Ministry of Industry.

Ethiopia has set out to acquire 471.2 million US dollars in revenue from leather, agro-processing, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors this budget year according to Melaku Taye, Communication Director for the MoI.  The revenue registered for the first quarter exceeded that earned in the same time period of the last fiscal year by 104.4% explained Melaku.

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Ethiopia to Cash in $206 Mln from Leather

Ethiopia plans to export 206 million dollars worth of leather products in the current fiscal year.

That is almost double the income the country received last year, when it made 104.1 million dollars from leather.

The Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) is going to make 54,000 pairs of shoes a day, up by 35,000 pairs than its current production.

Ethiopia achieved 73 percent of its target from the export of leather in the fiscal year to 8 July 2011, Wondu Legesse, director general of the institute, said.

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Lalibela to Produce 1.2 Mln tn of Cement a Year

Production to start in 2014

Lalibela Cement Factory, which is currently selling shares, is planning to start construction in June 2012 in Dejen, on 3,000 hectares of land.

The factory will produce 1.2 million tonnes of Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement annually when it begins fully fledged production in 2014.

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Indian Company to Build Sugar Mill

Razia Agro Industry, an Indian company, is going to set up a sugar mill in the east Wollega zone of the Oromia Regional State.

According to an official of Razia, the company has acquired 4,000 hectares of land for sugarcane plantation and the construction of the mill. The official said that the company had already started clearing the land for developing the sugarcane farm.

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