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Ethiopia: Only Twenty Shades Available in Industry Parks, IPDC


The Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) announced a significant increase in investment in the country's industrial parks. Out of a total of 177 shades, 157 are now occupied by investors, leaving only 20 available for new investments.

Five out of the 12 industrial parks, namely Adama, Bole Lemi, Addis, Semera, and the Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone, are fully reserved by manufacturing companies. The CEO of IPDC, Akililu Tadese, attributes the growing interest from investors to national reforms, macroeconomic restructuring, and a peace agreement with TPLF. Domestic investors account for 50 percent of the 53 new investments operating in the parks.

The industrial parks, once focused on the AGOA market, are now specializing in agro-processing, machinery and automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, garment, and textile production, targeting various global markets such as Europe and Asia.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald