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Ethiopian Metal Industries Need to Implement NDT

Metal industries in Ethiopia need to implement Non-Destuctive Testing technology to ensure that products meet international standards according to Dr. Abdul Nasser, Industrial Technology Section Head with the Malaysian Nuclear Agency.

NDT technology is a mechanism to guarantee quality and allow industrial products to gain competitiveness on the global market he said at a training held in Addis Ababa.

The technology will contribute toward the development of the industrial sector in developing countries noted Dr. Nasser.

NDT technology was recently launched in Ethiopia and the focus currently is on enhancing capacity explained Shumu Teferra, Director of the Metals and Engineering Development Directorate.

The training offered was focused on developing the quality and standards of products from the manufacturing sector.

Non-Destructive Testing standards are guides which establish the proper methods and techniques to discover and assess flaws in products without destroying the specimen being tested.  

NDT standards are put into effect in laboratories and a diverse range of industrial plants to evaluate the quality of products and establish their suitability for the use they are intended for.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency