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Yerer National Hotel & Tourism Service PLC

Yerer National Hotel & Tourism service was established in 2021 as a Private Limited Company (PLC) by five hotel and tourism professionals with long experience in the hotel industry. It has a trade license from the Bureau of Commerce and Industry of Ethiopia. It provides hotel and tourism training services, organizes new hotels, and gives consulting services for stakeholders engaged in the hotel and tourism sector. The company’s head and main sales office is located in Addis Ababa, next to Saint George’s church and also it will have three different branches and sales offices in Adama, Bishoftu, and Shashemene.
Yerer conducts consultancy based on a mutual agreement between a consultant and a client to solve specific management problems based on the needs of an organization or an individual. It also aims to deliver international hotel and Tourism training at the certificate levels. Training is one of the major services Yerer delivers to the hospitality and tourism industry community. The training institute aims at upgrading and refreshing the skills of the hospitality and tourism community. Yerer offers demand-driven training for hotel managers, department heads, and line staff. Our trainers and facilitators are highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry in addition to their high academic qualifications and have the expertise to provide training that leads to tangible results, great guest feedback, proud staff members, and positive work habits. Within the above service mix, yerer is confident that it has offered various approaches that suit the needs of every hospitality and tourism business. We take pride in assisting hospitality establishments to bridge the skills gap by providing affordable on-site staff training. Our training is engaging and fun. We aim to be the first choice for hotel & restaurant training.
On the other hand, fulfilling his national responsibility, we are sending and booking various young and unemployed people to work and preparing a proposal to make this job opportunity accessible to young people who have settled in their homes, returned from Arab countries, and creating job opportunity for the youths, and increases the rural incomes. Moreover, it also provides an equitable improvement in basic social services to enhance human development in the hospitality and tourism industry. A work list has been prepared as follows, which will allow us to work together with NGOs to train and employ the youth mentioned above.

To be the center of excellence in Ethiopia's Hospitality and Tourism industry by providing training, consultancy, and travel services in 2025.

By staying true to our name, building the future of Ethiopia's hospitality and tourism industry through using qualified professionals, providing professional solutions and services to our customers throughout Ethiopia, to increase the value founders of the institution.

The core values of the organization include:-

      • Quality.
      • Transparency and Accountability.
      • Continuously innovative.
      • Honesty and integrity.
      • Strive for excellence.
      • Collaboration with stakeholders.

Services Providing for Our Customers

      • Organizing and Counseling Services for new and working hotels, resorts, cafes Restaurants, etc.
      • Offer Hospitality and tourism areas training for employees.
      • Prepare Strategic and Marketing Plans for different Organizations.
      • Prepared System and operational manual.
      • Prepared Standard Operational Procedure.
      • Conduct research on Business, Marketing, and Social issues.
      • Conduct a Feasibility Study.
      • Event organizing.
      • Prepare Property Manage System.
      • Consulting and Organize Organizations like Travel Agent and Tour Guide.
      • Professional manpower supply.

We offer specific Hospitality training on

      • Food and beverage control.
      • Revenue management.
      • Night Auditing.
      • Training aligned with your SOPs.
      • Sales and marketing.
      • Event planning and management.
      • Planning reporting skills

Importance of the training
Training is an organized activity for increasing the technical skills of the employees to enable them to do particular jobs efficiently. In other words, training provides the workers with the facility to gain technical knowledge and to learn new skills to do specific jobs. Training is equally important for existing and as well as new employees. It enables the new employees to get acquainted with their jobs and also increase their job-related knowledge and skills. It attempts the improve their performance in the present job or prepare them for a future job. Training objectives are laid down keeping in view the company’s goals and objectives. According to Edwin D. Flippo, “The purpose of training is to achieve a change in the behavior of those trained and to enable them to do their jobs better”.
Nowadays, the hospitality industry is considered as world’s most flourishing and fastest-growing industry. In order to be able to catch up with the pace and be competent in the hospitality business, making the best use of the hotel employees’ skills, abilities, and knowledge is of tremendous significance in the hotel business. Therefore, the hotel management needs to carefully consider and implement a regular training program entire the hotel. In the modern hotel business, staff training is all about the competence of hotel employees including top-level managers, middle-level supervisors, and line staff because the level of service quality depends on professionalism and qualified employees.
The objectives of training employees are

      • To Enhance Knowledge of Employees.
      • To Improve Job-Related Skills.
      • To Develop Proper Job-Related Attitudes.
      • To Prepare for Higher Responsibilities.
      • To Facilitate Organizational Changes.
      • To revise and update their previous experience and knowledge.
      • Reduction in accidents and wastage.
      • Reduction in absenteeism and labor turnover.

Expected outcome of the training

      • The attitudes of the trainees in terms sense of ownership will increase.
      • Participants in the training will get in-depth knowledge about the topics.
      • The leading behavior of the trainees will be changed.
      • Self-development and self-confidence of the trainees will increase.
      • Bring efficiency and effectiveness to the organization, so that it may achieve its objectives and remain competitive in the highly competitive environment.
      • Enhancing the capabilities and abilities of the employees improves their morale and they give their best to the organization.
      • Employees can realize their responsibilities and contribute their best efforts to the organization.
      • The organization could avail of their better services.

Organizational Structure


Company Resource
Human Resource
Yerer has high staff profiles according to the requirements of labor service; the permanent Yerer staff for provision of service are eleven (11) in the field of hospitality management and business. There is also a Research and Quality Unit Head (support staff) and all the existing training and administration wing of the other unit will also support the labor service team. Whenever necessary, the yerer will outsource qualified trainers and expert staff from other institutions in the country.

Physical facilities
To support the provision of specialized skills and labor services, the following resources shall be made available:

      • Training room of standard size and quality;
      • Offices and required office facility for all staff and project coordinator;
      • Offices with a sufficient number of computers, relevant software programs, and internet access.
      • Laptop computers and LCD/overhead projector and; various training guidelines and manuals.

Working Manuals

      • Strategic Plan
      • Annual Plan
      • Administration Manual
      • Quality Assurance Policy
      • Research & Community Service Guideline
      • Organizational Structure
      • Internal Quality Adult Procedure
      • Employ Hand-book
      • Discipline Guideline

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