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Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom launches Digital Financial Marketplace

Ethio Telecom

Ethio Telecom launched a Digital Financial Marketplace to boost the financial sector and promote inclusion.

According to Ethio Telecom’s CEO Frehiwot Tamru, the platform benefits banks and other institutions by offering a fast, accessible environment. Ethio-telecom has worked with 25 banks over two years, with 1.6 trillion Birr transacted through telebirr last year.

The platform, used by over 40 million customers, aims to provide efficient and reliable digital financial services. The platform aligns with Ethiopia's goal of achieving 70% population inclusion in financial services. Ethio-telecom also introduced a digital share buy/sell platform for licensed businesses, contributing to Ethiopia's digital transformation goal.

Ethio-telecom boasts over 73 million customers nationwide, with 40 million using the telebirr mobile service.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald