Food Preparation (Packed)

This category includes the list of companies in Ethiopia who prepare, package and distribute prominent Ethiopian cultural foods (Doro Wot, Minchet-abish, Meser Wot and many others/ዶሮ ወጥ፣ ምንቸት አብሽ፣ ምስር ወጥ፣ የወጥ ቁሌት) and spices to domestic and international markets. 

Exchange Rates

USD 42.1428  41.3165 
GBP 55.3106  54.2261 
EUR 49.4672  48.4973 
CHF 42.7198  41.8822 
CAD 30.2213  29.6287 
AED 10.3823  10.1787