Food Preparation (Packed)

This category includes the list of companies in Ethiopia who prepare, package and distribute prominent Ethiopian cultural foods (Doro Wot, Minchet-abish, Meser Wot and many others/ዶሮ ወጥ፣ ምንቸት አብሽ፣ ምስር ወጥ፣ የወጥ ቁሌት) and spices to domestic and international markets. 

Exchange Rates

USD 47.6434  46.7092 
GBP 62.4298  61.2057 
EUR 55.2997  54.2154 
CHF 49.4183  48.4493 
CAD 34.8226  34.1398 
AED 11.7374  11.5073 
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