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Ethiopia: Authority Drafts a Petroleum Control Bill

Petroleum and Energy Authority 1The Ethiopian Petroleum and Energy Authority (EPEA) announced that a petroleum control bill aimed at regulating and overseeing the operations of oil marketing and distribution was being drafted. The bill serves to establish a structured operating system and enable legal and administrative actions against any illicit activities discovered.

According to Ato Lemesa Tulu, Director of Petroleum Products Market Research at the EPEA, a comprehensive legislation to address unlawful practices related to oil marketing, transportation, and related matters has been absent until now. The oil control bill has been developed to bridge this gap and ensure that oil marketing and distribution activities are carried out in a just and transparent manner. Additionally, the bill will provide a legal framework for taking appropriate measures against individuals involved in illegal activities, such as unauthorized fuel sales, selling fuel above regulated prices, or engaging in fuel transactions outside authorized locations.

The authority aims to present the oil control bill to the House of Peoples’ Representatives for approval within the next six months. Once implemented, the bill is expected to bring about significant improvements in Ethiopia's fuel sector, enhancing efficiency, curbing corruption, and safeguarding the interests of consumers.

Source: Addis Zemen