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Ethiopia: Wereilu Starts Selling Opal

Opal 22

Wereilu, a Woreda in South Wolo Zone of Amhara Regional State, commenced selling opal from its opal mine production. South Wolo zone occupies the first place among the areas in Amhara Region which are identified as having high mineral resources. It is speculated that the zone is also endowed with other types of mineral resources including oil, opal and coal.

During the current fiscal year, the Regional State was able to sell 85.4 kg of gold to the National Bank. It also garnered USD 7.9 million from opal and gold minerals.

According to the Office of the Head of the Regional State, there are 40 types of mineral resources scattered across different localities of the region. The areas that have been identified as having high mineral resources are witnessing promising developments.

In October last year, Bahir Dar, the Regional State’s Capital, hosted a forum on mobilization of mining and development which was focused on mineral resources and investment opportunities in the Regional State’s mining sector. During the forum’s opening, it was revealed that investors were eyeing the region for its potentials in gold, opal, Jasso stone, coal, and iron ore mining.

Source: Fana BC

Additional source: 2Merkato Archives