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LocationMegenagna - Haya Arat Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectric & Electro Mechanical Installation
A-TWO Electro Mechanical

A-TWO Electro-Mechanical was established in 2010, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and has emerged as one of the promising companies to one of today's most successful and highly growing electro-mechanical companies on a solid step providing innovative solutions and reliable products for our clients.

Our skilled manpower and effective management team have given us the power and ability to grow outstandingly in a short span of ten years.

The company has become consistent in providing quality design, production, and service of Refrigeration, Mechanical, and Electrical works throughout the country executing many prestigious projects on
Supply and Installation

      • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning)
      • Cold room and Refrigeration work  1suply
      • Electrical and Mechanical Machinery


      • Fabrication works (Steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum ...etc.)
      • Manufacturing and erection of street poles and electrical towers

Maintenance Works

      • Chillers and heat pumps
      • Airconditioning machinery, Cold rooms, and Refrigeration machinery
      • Electro-mechanical equipment and machinery


      • To become a top leading contractor, service provider, and Our Vision manufacturing company in the electromechanical sector focusing on HVAC.


      • The company's priority is to design produce and deliver high-quality products, providing innovative solution and system that makes people's life better. We value the importance of our relationship with employees, partners & clients and continue to remain true and fair
      • we will strive to implement long-term relationships with our clients based on Quality, Health, and Safety.

Core values Core values that govern the company and its employees are

      • Stewardship
      • Customer's satisfaction
      • Continuous Improvement
      • Professionalism and Excellence
      • Innovation
      • Integrity
      • Social Responsibility
      • Sustainability

The company has established a stable financial foundation and our net profit has been increasing exponentially by an average of 250% annually.

Management In our endeavor to reach this goal successfully through conducting up-to-date training for our employees to adopt technological advancement, obtaining the necessary genuine tools and accessories to successfully execute our work, supplying quality parts and equipment conducting business with integrity maintaining transparent relations with our clients putting customer satisfaction first.

For us, definitely, Safety comes first and we always follow the high standards in safety. We ensure that project fame lines must be met in accordance with the contract while adhering to the safety protocols. Safety protocols include the following:

      • Provide adequate clothing and equipment to protect the personnel while dealing with the work at hand.
      • Providing first aid training to our employees and making sure that they can provide first aid in the case of an emergency.
      • Usage of notifications, pointers, reminders, and workshops with the approval of the clients to make the job site secure for all working personnel.
      • Making sure that our staff are participating actively in the required safety induction and workshops





Address:- Megenagna - Haya Arat Road
Mobile Phone:- +2519-11-23-68-64
Website:- www.atwoelectromechanical.com
Email:- a2electromech@gmail.com

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