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Ethiopian Economy May Double over Next 9 Years – AfDB’s Ncube

Ethiopia’s economy may double in size over the next nine years, African Development Bank Chief Economist Mthuli Ncube said in a speech in Johannesburg today. Ncube predicted that Ethiopia’s economy mig

ht expand 10 percent this year and East Africa would expand by about 6.7 percent in 2011 and 2012.

Ncube’s prediction stands in contrast to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) prediction, made on 30 May 2011, of lower economic growth at 6 percent for Ethiopia in the 2011/12 fiscal year.

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Tullow Oil Hires Chinese Company

Tullow Oil, a British company, which recently launched oil exploration activities in the South Omo valley, hired BGP Geo Services PLC, a Chinese company, to carry out a seismic survey in the concession area.

Tullow Oil started the oil exploration work in the South Omo valley after it bought a 50 percent stake in the South Omo valley from Africa Oil.

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Ethiopia Earns $2.4 Bln from Export

The Ministry of Trade said Friday that Ethiopia earned more than 2.4 billion dollars from the export sector over the last 11 months.

Amakele Yimam, director of public relations and communications directorate, said that the income was greater than that of the same period last fiscal year by 693.9 million dollars. However, he said that the amount fell short of the ministry's projection for the period which was 2.9 billion dollars.

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Authority Relocates to its Former Headquarters

The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority's (ERCA) Large Taxpayers and Western Addis Ababa branch offices are relocating this month from the headquarters building of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association to the authority's former headquarters at Beklo Bet.

The Large Taxpayers and Western Addis Ababa branch offices of the ERCA have been occupying five floors of the Chamber's building.

ERCA's central server for the registration of daily sales coming from customers' cash register machines had been installed in the Chamber's building in front of the Mexico Square. The central cash register machine server will move to the authority's current headquarters at Megenagna, officials said.

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