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Deloitte Consulting to Partner with Ethiopian Firm

Deloitte Consulting Ltd. has formed a collaborative venture with HST consulting plc, a local firm to enter the market in Ethiopia.

The partnership was registered with a capital of 1.1 million birr Deloitte is expected to offer management consultancy, senior management training services, and tax advisory.

The two companies took about a year in discussions as Deloitte studied the market potential in Ethiopia according to a senior partner with HAST consulting plc.

The collaborative venture known as Deloitte Consulting plc received an investment permit in January and is in the process of getting an operational license.

HST Consulting plc is owned by US citizen Haileluel Tamri, Tekeste Gebru and Solomon Gizaw and was established with a capital of 300,000 birr and offering audit services for local companies.

The partnership venture allows HST to take the lead on public projects which were previously outside of its scope according to Solomon, Senior Partner of HST.

The new partnership will allow the company to mobilize global resources and the expertise of the Deloitte network, said Solomon.

The agreement makes Deloitte the largest consulting firm in Ethiopia ahead of Ernst and Young.

The entrance of Deloitte Consulting into the Ethiopian market is not expected to change anything for Ernst and Young as the company has always functioned in competition with both local and international firms said Zemedeneh Negatu.

Source: Addis Fortune