Cheko General Trading PLC (Security/Cleaning Service and Manpower Supply)

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Cheko General Trading PLC (Security/Cleaning Service and Manpower Supply)

Established in October 2013, Cheko General Trading PLC is a human resource and security company in Ethiopia. The company provides skilled, professional, ethical, effective and motivated manpower, providing satisfactory security and cleaning services in Ethiopia.

Security comes next to food, shelter and clothing among basic needs of human beings. Any person with fulfilled needs should have confirmed mental and psychological security. Security is essential for someone's own respect and in relation with others in his/her life.

Cheko Security and Cleaning Service has completed its preparation to serve for 24 hours without rest. 

Currently, our security service is highly competent in providing the service to various private and governmental organizations as well as private compounds. We perform our work professionally, ethical will skill and educated employees within a short period of time.

In order to promote the vision of the organization more in the future, we shall provide customer-based and research-based security service and it is diligently working to be selective and competent. Therefore, as the service of the organization is very important to save your life and properly from risks, please, hand over the truth regard to this and come up with our security service.

In order to satisfy the needs of our company, we shall conduct our activities and services diligently and with due quality. Be the beneficiary of our service. We shall work more to eradicate crime and risk.

The services we provide

Supplying skilled, professionally ethical, effective and initiative manpower; providing satisfactory security and cleaning service as well as escort services.

Security service

Cheko Security and Cleaning Service is ready to guard the security of your family, employees and properties. We also render you professional consultancy service when you select security companies for your security.

The security work protects properties and life of human being from any risks. Peace is one of the necessary basic matters required to human beings. In order to confirm you peace and security, supportive security forces who are security guards are needed. Hence, our company, Cheko Security and Manpower supply has been licensed as other similar organization and it is providing service. Hence, when this security service is provided, it is necessary to follow professional procedures to guard the properties and lives of the customer.

Therefore, in order to get security services, be sure that you are able to answer the following question.

Is the security service provider legally licensed?  It has to be confirmed that the service provider is Licensed.

Cleaning service

Service package

The company provids cleaning and related service to any organization so as to make the representing organization to save unnecessary costs, wastage of time and dependable on our skilled man power who are creative active qualified and productive in meeting to the position assigned and make the organization (customer) able to achieve its organization goal in due course.


Even if our organizational establishment in providing cleaning service has a short history we are achieving the intended goals which are in our plans.

Our close relationship with our customer in achieving the objective and providing a similes service makes us dependable.

Our dependability measurement is key factor for our customers to believe and trust on the services. The requirement process and assignment of staffs members mainly based on the location of their living area, which will be a reason to predicate our human resource policy be suitable to the organization and stuff in compassing a work shift program.

To promote/ enhance the goal of the organizations (our customers) more in the future we would provide customer and research based also we are delivering skilled professionally ethical, effective and active man power providing satisfactory cleaning service.

Our organization Cheko general trading engaged to responsible for enhancing human satisfaction regarding to cleaning currently organization cleaning service is competent and providing service in to various private and governmental organizations as well as private compound up on organizing Professionally ethical well skilled manpower within a short period of time.

In order to achieve our intended goals and objectives we are focusing on our activities and services diligently and with due quality. Be the beneficiary of service. Be sure you will be satisfied on our cleaning service.

Our objectives

To make private organizations and private institution properties and lives found locally as well as internationally free from any type of criminal acts and envisaging them being enriched economically as well us socially.

To make any type of organizations and institutions and parts would be cleaned attractive and human beings be clean and healthy and be productive

Our mission

Creating effective human power is professional skills and knowledge and preventing in prior the life of our customers up on collecting their information using modern and effective methodology and technology and attempting to reduce criminal based affairs when they are found to be occurred by being with legal concerned bodies.

Producing productive, effective, professional skilled manpower for cleaning service.


Make our company productive and competent cleaning service company in Africa.

Value of our company

  • Respecting being king of customer
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Obedient
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Diligence

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