Ethiopia Starts Fundraising for COVID-19 Preparedness

covid-19-fund-raisingAfter setting up a National Resource Mobilization Committee yesterday to oversee the pooling of financial and non-financial resources for the coronavirus pandemic preparedness, the Ethiopian government has today launched a fundraising effort.

To this end, bank accounts and SMS systems have been set up (see image, top) for anyone to contribute money, the Committee has announced. Moreover, a food bank is in the works for farmers and producers to donate food supplies. The money obtained via the fundraising will be used to fully equip the quarantine, isolation and treatment centers with necessary materials, as well as other consumer goods for the most vulnerable.

“As the global community is gripped by the uncertainty COVID-19 has brought about, one thing that is certain is that our level of preparedness and strict adherence to health guidelines and other measures drawn, will determine how we cope and overcome,” the statement by the Committee read.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia (Twitter)

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