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LocationEtd Gorgorios Square (Wello Sefer to Kera), Kirkos sub city, Woreda 03, House No. Newhio-China Street, Aroun, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryGenerators, Motors, Compressors, Pumps & Parts

Abol Electrical Equipment Trading is a legal private business entity established in Addis Ababa with a mission to serve you/your need. Abol Electrical Equipment Trading is a company of Abol Investment Group. The company supplies a wide range of pumps, generators, electro-mechanical turnkey and other equipment’s right from stock/short delivery systems and provides an outstanding solution for a wide range of water supply, sewerage treatment plant, Irrigation, and electromechanical installation works specialized with pumps & generators by applying the most professional skill, quality & time efficient standard procedural practices. Abol Electrical Equipment Trading adopted over years in supplying quality products and services to clients throughout Ethiopia. The company is established with a vision to be a leading and most progressive electro-mechanical equipment supplier company in Ethiopia.

We have established a strong business network throughout the country appointing highly motivated marketing agents in all regional capitals. Our service has reached all regional towns and woreda towns and planned to expand the service to East African countries.


    • To be a leading and most progressive engineering & contracting company in the country.
    • To provide the best, quality and cost-effective electromechanical engineering project services in all aspects of design, execution and in seeking the complete satisfaction of the client.
    • To be one of the leading names in our arena through the implementation of international standards and providing the finest services.
    • To achieve excellence and growth through innovation and the application of technology


We are determined and committed to be the foremost electromechanical engineering services firm delivering standard quality services by launching different construction that has a potential in leading the development of the construction sector.


Our company is committed to anticipating the needs of our clients and consumers needs and building loyalty as we create and deliver high-quality services and products that satisfy consumers and clients around the region.


We work together and communicate openly and directly throughout our company in order to maximize our efforts and results as one team.


We place high priority on maintaining social dialogue and social cohesion throughout our company.


We encourage and promote imagination and initiative. We have the highest regard for individual expression and creative freedom. These are important qualities that reflect our company’s spirit and drive our continued innovation and growth.


We all observe strict ethical standards: we act with integrity and responsibility, in all situations; respect the law, maintain harmonious and respectful relations with others

Quality Policy

    • We have an enthusiastic commitment towards quality standards that is fully committed to achieving the international accreditation of ISO 9001.
    • Various inspection formats and checklists are being used in order to ensure that the quality of work carried out in our projects meets and exceeds the contract requirements.
    • We are committed to satisfying client’s expectations in our design and project implementation activities through:
      • Quality awareness and quality assurance systems.
      • Continual quality improvement through performance and experience, which is a continuous process
      • The support of an effective total quality management system
      • Total people and resource involvement
      • Ongoing training.


  • Safety is always our company’s top priority - a value that is fundamental to our culture
  • We believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and that’s why we pay utmost importance to Safety
  • Our dedication to safety helps keep workers safe and it also pays off for our customers by keeping the operating costs go down and productivity goes up because less time is lost to accidents
  • Our company has developed Health and Safety Management System to demonstrate its commitment to the safety and welfare of its employees, customers, contractors and all others who may be affected by our activities and operations



    •  Supply of Electric Driven Submersible Pumps
    •  Supply of Electric Submersible Motors
    •  Supply of Solar pumps
    •  Supply of Multistage horizontal and vertical surface Pumps
    •  Supply of Sewage Pumps
    •  Supply of Buster Pumps
    •  Supply of Fire Pumps
    •  Supply of Control Boards
    •  Supply of Cables
    •  Supply of Vulcanizing kit
    •  Supply of Clamps


    •  Supply of open type generators
    •  Supply of closed/silent type generators
    •  Supply of Solar panels and inventors
    •  Supply of Transformers
    •  Supply and Installation of UPS
    •  Supply of Construction Machineries


    •  Supply of Stationary mixers from 360-750 Liter
    •  Supply of Self-loading mobile mixers from 1200-4500 Liter
    •  Supply of Concrete Vibrators
    •  Supply of Mini Dumpers


    •  Pumps & Control System
    •  DCI Pipes and Fittings
    •  UPVC Pipes and Fittings
    •  GS Pipes and Fittings
    •  Irrigation System Products
    •  Water Safety and Flow Control (Valves, Balancing & Flow Measurement, etc.)
    •  Water Quality & Conditioning (Water Treatment Systems)
    •  Drainage System Products
    •  Water Meters with Fittings
    •  Heaters and evacuators
    •  Fans and exhausts systems


    •  Water treatment (Studies and analyses of raw water, Design of suitable treatment system, Installation and maintenance of Treatment plants and Equipment)
    •  Pumping Station (Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance)
    •  Storage Systems (Analyses and Design, Construction and Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Equipment


    • Our key personnel collection has vast knowledge and resources, in building a credible reputation to design, plan and install electrical power and energy-related equipment.
    • We have planned to be one of the leading companies in supporting and developing the engineering solution for energy and power services for the countries growing economy, and achieve that, since establishment.
    • We will still be the pioneer and leaders of modern electrical contracting in Ethiopia.
    • We have a plan to lay a remarkable result in the electrical infrastructure of Ethiopia. Our key personnel have the experience of executing a variety of projects that range from buildings, governmental jobs and industrial projects. Our team of professionals who have extensive experience and capabilities can deliver solutions for valuable engineering works, and possess design approvals from various concerned authorities.


    •  Supply of Submersible Pumps
    •  Supply of Submersible Motors
    •  Supply of Solar pumps
    •  Supply of Multistage horizontal and vertical surface Pumps
    •  Supply of Sewage Pumps
    •  Supply of Buster Pumps
    •  Supply of Control Boards
    •  Supply of Cables
    •  Supply of Vulcanizes
    •  Supply of Clamps


  • Silent Type Power by PERKINS (50Hz)
  • Silent Type Power by CUMMINS (50Hz)
  • Silent Type Power by IVECO (50Hz)
  • Silent Type Power by DUETZ (50Hz)
  • Silent Type Power by YANMAR (50Hz)
  • Silent Type Power by ISUZU (50Hz)


  •  If the value of any project is the sum of its parts, then we are here to make and supply those certain parts of the highest quality. This is true of all the equipment and instrumentation which we supply; our quality and high standards keep us among the top choice with different industries.
  •  We work closely with our suppliers to meet our customers’ requirements in electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment.


    • Supply and Installation of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
    • Supply and Installation of All Starting Types of Control Boards (Switches) o Supply and Installation of Machinery
    • Supply and Installation of Security and Protection system (CCTV Camera, Alarm, Locks, etc.)
    • Supply of different Tools (Electrical and Mechanical, etc.) o Supply and Installation of Cable joints & accessories
    • Supply and Installation of Energy meters & energy-saving equipment
    • Supply and Installation of UPS systems
    • Supply and Installation of Lighting poles & luminaries o Supply and Installation of Fire Fighting Systems
    • Supply and Installation of Lightning Protection System


Operations and maintenance are one of our major core activities. We have a successful track record in executing operations and maintenance of major projects within Ethiopia. In maintenance contracts our scope of work involves operation and maintenance of Water Supply Systems, Plumbing Systems, Electromechanical systems, Building Automation system, Mechanical Plants & systems, Fire Fighting systems and etc.


Troposphere Realestate PLC

Affordable Homes and Apartments proudly built by Troposphere Realestate. Dream of owning your home in Ethiopia? Troposphere will make your dreams come true. We build our homes and apartments with class, quality, affordability and convenience. With us, delivery time isn't just a promise we make, it’s a rule we live by.

Build your home with a trusted company; Build your home with Troposphere. Our sites are conveniently located in the most desired residential areas of Addis Ababa, CMC, Wello Sefer, Betel, Lebu, Bisrate Gabriel, Mekenisa. Our prices are fair our homes are built with you in mind. Check out our office at Wello Sefer. We will be happy to help you build your future dwelling.


BUNO FARMHOUSE PLC is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is part of the Coffee & Tea Manufacturing Industry.

BUNO Will be the largest producer and exporter of coffee in Ethiopia, BUNO FARMHOUSE has a proud history of providing quality coffees to the local and international markets. Founded on the principles of bringing fairness and transparency to the coffee value chain while satisfying customer demand, BUNO is also a company with heart and vision.

BUNO FARMHOUSE specializes in coffees sourced from Yirgacheffe, Lekempti, Gimbi, Djimma, and Sidamo, names that epitomize fine Arabica coffee. Since its inception 1 year ago, BUNO has established a track record of fair trading and excellent customer service, Directly and indirectly, it impacts the livelihoods of over a million coffee growers throughout the southern and south-western coffee-cultivating regions of Ethiopia.

The passion for fine coffee is coupled with consistent reinvestment not only in improved infrastructure, technology and processes, but Buno will invest 17 % of its annual profits into social responsibility programs such as building schools and providing clean water to the communities it serves.

The diversified types of Arabica cultivation in the country and its highly suitable environment with high altitudes, good rainfall, and rich volcanic soils yield to the uniquely Ethiopian flavors and aromas that are present in its elegant range of gourmet, specialty and organic coffee. Coffees are rich in acidity, body, aromatic, and sweet flavored, with a spicy, flora, or mocha taste.

Displacement Logistics PLC

Displacement Logistics PLC is is a customs clearing & freight forwarding agent. It works within the logistics services & solutions sector as a customs clearing and provider of auxiliary logistics services to importers. Displacement Logistics will be a well-recognized Ethiopian logistics solutions brand that offers a spectrum of services ranging beyond customs clearing including project logistics, special cargo handling, air freight, ocean freight and door-to-door services.

With our customer-focused practices in the continually expanding logistics sector, Displacement will be a reliable logistics partner to our clients. We aim to accelerate the company and the broader industry towards transformative innovations in logistics.


ABOl INDUSTRIES Ltd is a conglomerate of industrial companies, which is the affiliate company of ABOL INVESTMENT Group. It will be launched in 2023.

The Abol manufacturing facilities will be located in the Dukem ( Bishoftu ) Industrial Park, on 100 acres of land area, about 48 km west of Addis Ababa.


MELAN ELECTRO MECHANICAL SOLUTION PLC is an Ethiopian electro-mechanical company, a fast-growing firm specializing in providing electro-mechanical works with qualification in generator supply and service, workshop equipment maintenance and service, light construction works (shades, building electrical system installations, etc.), Factory window structure hardening, exhaust system fabrication and installation, design and installation of air conditioning, ventilation for commercial and residential buildings in Ethiopia.


Ethio-China Street, Around Gorgorios Square (Wello Sefer to Kera), Kirkos sub city, Woreda 03, House No. New
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