Office of Ethiopia's PM Hosts Round-table on Economic Reform

addis-wegThe Office of the Prime Minister held a discussion forum with the theme of economic reform yesterday, 12th August 2019. Facilitating the discussion was Selam Teshome, a management consultant.

The first speaker, Brook Taye (Ph.D.), advisor to the Ministry of Finance highlighted major reform measures implemented during the previous 17 months. Among these were issues that still call for lasting solutions, such as inflation, shortage of foreign currency, and policies that have to do with debt repayment, as well as the ease of doing business and the recent move to privatize state-owned enterprises.

Mesay Tadesse, the second speaker, spoke on challenges and opportunities that relate to access to finance. Founder and owner of Lucy Investment Consultants, Mesay said especially social enterprises need to be encouraged with various support schemes, as they have an over 28 percent involvement of women.

Brook Fikru, a business representative from Volcafé Limited, pointed out the need for business laws and regulations to take into account individuals in addition to investors and certain sections of the society. A better cooperation scheme for planning should be put in place, he added.

Source (Including Image): Twitter Page of the Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia


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