Ethiopia to Export Technology by 2025

Ethiopia is seeking the capacity to export technology by the year 2025 according to the Ministry of Science and Technology. The ministry made the announcement at the event marking the 2011 World Science Day.

The country is committed to encourage the application of science and technology as a means to assure equality among all sections of society to enhance sustainable public participation said a representative of Dassie Dalkie Minister of Science and Technology.

Professionals in the fields of science and technology need to commit themselves to support the national vision said the representative.

Investments in research and development, access to finance and markets, education and the establishment of a sustainable business environment are important issues that need to be addressed to enhance technology transfer to Africa said Aida Opku Menash Science and Technology Division Director UN-ECA ICT.

African countries are achieving better results in technology transfer in the areas of trade and investment such as capital goods, trade, licensing and royalty fees than in areas such as research developments and testing services and the flow of intellectual property rights she said.

The Ethiopian government has shown initiative in the areas of science and technology by increasing the number of universities and establishing a 30-70 ratio favoring science in the placement of candidates for higher education explained Professor Shibru Tedla, Vice President of the Ethiopian Science Academy.

The World Science Day 2011 noted ‘The Role of Science Towards Green Societies: Equity, Inclusiveness and Participation.’ Scholarly papers on technology transfer and other topics were presented at the event.

Source: Ethiopian Herald

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