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Pittards Looks into Sheep Farming in Ethiopia

Pittards has announced plans to venture into sheep farming in Ethiopia. The UK-based leather and leather products manufacturing company is looking to move into the supply side of the business according to John Moriarty, Managing Director of Pittards Ethiopia Tannery.

The company has looked at a 10,000 hectare plot of land in the North Shoa region said Moriarty.

Pittards will attempt to breed sheep in controlled environments to ensure that they are parasite free explained Moriarty. A parasite free environment will reduce the mortality of the sheep and increase the quality of the skin for leather production he added.

The company has been working with German International Corporation to improve animal husbandry in Ethiopia said Moriarty.

It is to be remembered that Pittards opened three factories in Addis Ababa last Thursday. It was announced at the time that the company is ready to begin exporting 40,000 pairs of leather gloves per month to the US market.

The Tannery will start exporting the leather gloves as of next month according to Moriarty. It is expected that the company will double its exports to 80,000 when it becomes fully operational in six months time he said.

With the view of expanding its presence in the export market in mind Pittards aims to enter the supply side with an approach more sophisticated than traditional farming. The company’s approach hopes to ensure long lasting quality leather.

It is hoped that other farmer’s will duplicate Pittards approach said Moriarty.

Source: Addis Fortune