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SARIA Consultancy PLC

SARIA Consultancy P.L.C is a legally registered company in Ethiopia established by a team of experienced professionals to provide mainly Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing, Recruitment, Payroll Management, Finance and Accounting Support, as well as Operational and Facility Management services. The experiences of SARIA’s team in these areas and their exposures to various organizational cultures and needs make SARIA a reliable and efficient business partner.


Our vision is to become an efficient and affordable HR and Payroll Management Service Provider, which abundantly satisfies its wide spectrum of customers.


SARIA’s mission is to deliver:

  • Professional HR support services with reasonable price
  • Financial management services at locations convenient to customers
  • Efficient operational and facility administration services
  • Continuously work towards implementing advanced approaches for payroll and HR management.


Our core values are:

  • Dedication
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Continuous learning


1. Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing and Recruitment

HR management functions are complex and time-consuming. They often cause significant challenges to allocating sufficient time to perform other important activities of the organization. In response to these challenges, these days outsourcing HR management and other related services is considered to be a better solution. It is proved that it brings quite a number of advantages.

In addition, the process of selecting and recruiting relevant employees who are capable of adding value to customers is one of the most important tasks of outsourcing to service providers. Hence, SARIA recognizes that the process of attracting and selecting the right candidates for the required positions is very important to organizations. As a result, SARIA’s major objective is to find the right people for your organization and we give it the highest priority.

Therefore, to properly address this principal objective, SARIA believes that it is competent enough and is a dependable business partner, offering single or multiple (package) services from the available menu listed below.

  • Recruitment and on-boarding
  • Screening and interviewing candidates
  • CV short-listing and background checking
  • Designing clear and accurate job descriptions
  • Human Resource Outsourcing, including leave, insurance and/ health care, pension, and provident fund administration
  • Managing travels and workshop related activities
  • Dealing with employees’ contracts and record-keeping
  • Providing short-term HR support to cover administrative tasks

2. Payroll Administration

Outsourcing Payroll Management services to knowledgeable service providers has become a common practice exercised by many private businesses, national and international organizations due to a number of benefits. SARIA’s payroll administration service includes:

  • Processing monthly payroll
  • Handling settlement of monthly dues (income tax and pension)
  • Managing issuance of monthly payslips for each employee
  • Up-to-date record keeping and reporting
  • Processing short-term consultant payment

3. Financial and Accounting Support

Healthy financial management ensures the continuous growth of business and allows the organization to improve its capacity to deal with new operational challenges coming from different angles. Through the engagement of knowledgeable accounting experts, SARIA will exert adequate time and energy to specifically examine your needs in the area. Therefore, to fulfill your financial and accounting service needs, SARIA is capable of delivering the following services:

  • Financial closing (profit and loss, balance sheet, asset assessment, etc.)
  • Financial accounting and reports, like general ledger, payable/receivable, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation statements
  • Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual closing financial reports
  • Different financial reports required by the tax authority
  • Tax management including reconciling and periodical due settlements

4. Operational Management

Operational management is an important part of a general management function. It involves managing people, equipment, technology, information, and other resources needed for the production of goods and/or services. By maximizing the efficiency of processes, the organization can allocate the least amount of resources so as to complete processes and fulfill the customers’ needs. Thus, SARIA is able to support your organization in:

  • Developing Organizational maps
  • Designing and reviewing workflows and processes
  • Defining and preparing job descriptions
  • Preparing Operational Manuals and Procedures
  • Preparing performance appraisal tools
  • Preparing employee handbooks, HR manuals, policies and procedures.

5. Facility Management

Facility Management is an important task that helps customers to create and maintain a conducive work environment to efficiently address the key objectives and support the organization to achieve its primary goals.

Facility management encompasses a wide range of services; in this regard, SARIA provides utility management and supplies, fixed asset management, lease management and domestic services, like cleaning and security, as well as health-safety management services.

Through continuous efforts we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs


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