Ethiopian Enterprise to Relocate Abattoir

The Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise, Ethiopia is planning to move the Kera abattoir from Kirkos District to a new plant in Akaki Kaliti District. The announcement was made last week inviting bidding for consultant services to undertake a feasibility study and operational planning study for relocation.

The bid document explains that the move is designed to facilitate the improvement and modernization of the slaughtering services offered by the abattoir to meet the growing demand.

The move anticipated for the past 15 years will be funded by a 900 million birr soft loan from the Agence Francaise de Developpement.

The plan to relocate the abattoir was delayed because claims by Ethiopian Airlines that the new location was along its flight route said Genet Belete, Assistant Director for Slaughtering Services and Meat Sales Director with AAAE.

The airlines was worried that birds attracted by the abattoir would cause problems for aircraft but the issue will not be problem as new technology will eliminate the refuse that would attract the birds she explained .

The Enterprise will be able to reintroduce slaughtering services for export services as well as mitigating environmental impact.

Export purpose slaughtering services will be facilitated by an automatic line able to handle cattle, goats and sheep. The abattoir will have four other semi-automatic lines for the rest of the services it offers.

Services offered by the current rendering plant processing animal products to produce glue, animal tallow, pure bone meal and meat bone meal will also be upgraded.

The new abattoir will also include a bio-gas plant and a water treatment plant that will allow the treatment and reuse of water explained an official with the enterprise. Access to the new facility will also be given to animal science researchers it was said.

Source: Addis Fortune