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Opposite Hayaulat Station No. 1, H/Gebreselassie Road, H & M Building, 4th Floor, Room no. 405, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel:+251 116 182354  Mobile:+251 911 526352, +251 962 163557, +251 929 907795

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Allied Chemicals PLC: Profile and Product Details

 Allied Chemicals PLC is a manufacturing company established in 2009 for producing Sodium Silicate which is an essential raw material for Soap & Detergent, Steel Melting & Foundry, Paper Manufacturing & Construction Industry. Currently, we are the only manufacturer of Sodium Silicate in Ethiopia and currently serve 142 big & small manufacturing units engaged in diverse industries. We also intend to export our product to other East African countries namely Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Puntland and Djibouti.

1)    SODIUM SILICATE (Alkaline & Neutral): Solid Form

Product SpecificationsodiumsilicateSolid

  • Na2O: 33%
  • SiO2: 66%
  • Fe: 0.01%
  • Solids: 99% +
  • Ratio: 2.0-2.3
  • Color:  Light Blue
  • PH: 11.5-12.5


2)    SODIUM SILICATE (Alkaline & Neutral): Liquid Form

Product SpecificationSodiumSilLiq1

  • Application: Different Industrial Usages
  • Appearance: Cloudy
  • Specific Gravity: 1.46-1.55 Gm/cm3
  • Total soluble SiO2: 29.8
  • Total Alkalinity as Sodium Oxide: 14.8
  • Rational of total alkalinity as Na2O to total soluble silicate as (sodium oxide/silicon oxide):  2.01-2.25
  • Total Soluble Silicate: 44.6
  • Total water content: 55.4
  • Solubility: Mixable & 100% soluble in water
  • PH: 11-12.5
  • Feo2:  >1%
  • AlO2: >2%
  • Baum: 40-50 Degree
  • Others:  >1%

Industry users for Sodium Silicate:

  • Soap & Detergent Manufacturers;
  • Steel Melting & Foundry Units;
  • Others



Physiochemical PropertiesalluminumSil2

Physiochemical Properties








White powder

White powder


Bulk Density





PH value





Particle Size

























Residue on 180 mesh size




All Pass

Residue on 300 mesh size






Advantage of using Aluminum Silicate in Paints Production:

  • Widely used in the manufacturing of paint, as a less expensive alternative to Titanium dioxide
  • Part of white pigment like Titanium-dioxide (10% /more) can be replaced without loss of opacity.
  • Give faster surface & through-drying in products which also stand up better to abrasive treatment
  • Excellent substrates for high gloss finishes as they ensure good leveling out.



Physiochemical PropertiesPRECIPITATEDSIL1

  • SiO2: 85% to 99.5%
  • pH: 7
  • Bulk Density: 0.07 to 0.20 gms/cc
  • Particle Size: 2 to 5 Microns
  • BET Surface Area: 140 – 180
  • Residue on 350 Mesh: 0.3% Max
  • Water Absorption: 160% - 260%
  • Moisture content at 105ºC for 1 hr-% max: 5%

Advantages of using Precipated Silica in Rubber Products:

  •  Improved process ability at equal mixing energy
  •  Increased tensile strength, tear and flex fatigue
  •  Improved hysteresis properties superior abrasion (scratch)resistance


5)    Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid(LABSA)AlliedCH1

  • Molecular Formula: C18H30O3S
  • CAS No: 27176-87-0
  • ELNECS (EC) No: 248-289-4
  • RTECS No: DB6600000
  • NFPA 704: H-2, F-0, R-0,C-NA
  • HS Code: 3402.11
  • Synonyms: LAS/LABSA/LABS/DDBSA/Mild Slurry


  • One of main raw material for household detergents;
  • Good decontamination and foaming property;
  • Stable in acidic, alkali and some oxide solution;
  • The degree of biodegradability is more than 99%;
  • Good performance at low cost;


  • As the raw material of detergent, is used to produce alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium (LAS) which has the performances of decontamination, emulsification, dispersion, wetting and foaming property.
  • Soap& Detergent industry uses for producing various detergents and emulsifiers, such as washing power, detergent of dish-ware, detergent of light or hard dirt;
  • Textiles industry uses as cleaner, dyeing assistant;
  • Leather making industry uses as degreaser of plating
  • Paper –making industry uses as deinking agent.
  • Agricultural Herbicides Industry uses as couping agent and as emulsifier, It is used also in emulsion polymerization.

Product Specification




Appearance @250c

Honey Brown Viscous Liquid


Characteristic Odor

Active Matter concentration in %

96 Min.

Unsulfonate Matter


Free Sulfuric Acid


Color inKlett (5% Solution, 40mm path, N42)

40 Max

Boiling Point




Meting point



  1. 80Kg/Plastic Barrel
  2. 16000Kg/Tanker Supply
  3. Refill in buyer’s barrel also available


  • Should be stored in dry, cool and ventilated place
  • Should be kept away from sunshine and rain
  • Stir well before use


6)    Sodium lauryl Ether Sulphate(SLES)AlliedCH6

  • Molecular Formula: CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na
  • CAS No.: 9004-82-4 (SLES 25-3/ 70%)
  • HS Code: 3402.1190
  • Synonyms:
    • Sodium Faty Alcohol Ether Sulfate (AES);
    • Sodium Polyoxyethylene Faty Alcohol Sulfate,
    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)


  • Excellent decontamination, emulsification, dispersion, Wetting, solubilizing performance and foaming property.
  • Good solvency, thickening effect, wide compatibility, Anti hard water and high biodegradable ability.
  • Widely used in liquid detergent such as dish-washing Detergent, shampoo, bubble bath,liquid, hand washing etc.
  • In washing powder and detergent for heavy dirt, using it to partially replace LABSA, phosphate can be saved or reduced, and general dosage of active matter is reduced.
  • In textile, printing and dyeing industry, petroleum and leather industry, it can be used as lubricant, dyeing agent, cleanser, foaming agent and degreasing agent.

Product Specification





Appearance @ 25 0C

White to Yellowish

Colorless to
Transparent Liqui





Characteristc odor

Characteristc odor

Actve Mater in %



Unsulfated Mater in %

2.0 Max.

1.5 Max.

Sodium Sulfate in %

1.5 Max.

0.5 Max.

1,4-Dioxane in PPM

50 Max.

50 Max.

7.0 to 9.5

7.0 to 9.5


Color, Hazen (5% Am. Aq. Sol)

20 Max.

20 Max.


  1. 80Kg/Plastc Barrel for SLES 70%
  2. 200Kg/Plastc Barrel for SLES 70% & SLES 28%

- Should be stored in dry, cool place
- Should be kept away from sunshine and rain
- Should remain packed in tghtly secured container


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Address: Factory Address: East of Addis Ababa in Oromia National Regional State, Bishouftu town.

Sales Office Address: Akaki Kality Sub City, Near NOC Gas Station

Phone: +251 11 4394295/ Fax: +251 11 4390651

Mobile: +251 911 212640, 911 237754 Email: Please click here to contact the company via email.

STEELY R.M.I PLC: Profile and Product Details

Steely R.M.I. PLC is a private company engaged in steel manufacturing industry in Ethiopia. We produce and supply reinforcement bars, nails and wire rods to the Ethiopian market. The factory is located East of Addis Ababa in Oromia National Regional State, Bishouftu town (also known as Debre Zeyit). The sales office is located in Akaki-Kality Subcity, Near Kality NOC gas station.


The plant is equipped with advanced technology. It applies PLC (Programmable logic control), CCM (continuous casting machine) and full automatic cooling bed to produce high quality product at competitive price.


  • Plant A: 120,000 metric tons of grade 40 steel bar and wire rods
  • Plant B: 150,000 metric tons of grade 60 steel bar and wire rods


The major raw materials of the factory are scrap and billets.


a) Reinforcement bar

  • Grade: Grade 40 and Grade 60
  • Available sizes: 8mm-32mm
  • Length: 12meter/piece
  • Special features: High strength, superior weld-ability and bending properties, better elongation, excellent corrosion and fire resistance.

b) Steel wire rod

  • Available for further industrial process or direct use in the construction sector
  • Available size: 5.5mm-6.0mm in coils

c) Nails

  • Brand: Apollo
  • Available size: All sizes

d) Barbed wire in different sizes
e) Binding wire in different sizes
f) Galvanized wire in different sizes
g) Annealed wire in different sizes


  • We always care for safety and quality.
  • We produce high quality product at competitive price with wide range of application such as high rising building, dams, bridges, re-enforcement, coastal construction, underground/raised/platform, structure etc
  • We offer competitive price and fast delivery.

ስቲሊ አር.ኤም.አይ. ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ. በብረት ማምረት ኢንዱስትሪ ውስጥ የተስማራ የግል ድርጅት ነው፡፡ ኩባንያችን የአርማታ ብረት ምስማር፣ ጥቅል ሽቦ አምራች እና ለኢትዮጵያ ገበያ አቅራቢ ነው፡፡ ፋብሪካው የሚገኝው ከአዲስ አበባ በስተምስራቅ፤ ኦሮሚያ ክልላዊ መንግስት፣ ቢሾፍቱ ከተማ (ደብረ ዘይት) ሲሆን የሽያጭ ቢሮው አድራሻ አቃቂ ቃሊቲ ክ.ከ. ቃሊቲ ኖክ ነዳጅ ማደያ አጠገብ ነው፡፡


ፋብሪካችን በረቀቀ ቴክኖሎጂ የተደራጀ ነው፡፡ PLC (Programmable logic control), CCM (continuous casting machine) and full automatic cooling bed ቴክኖሎጂን በመጠቀም ከፍተኛ ጥራት የላቸው ምርቶች በማምረት በተወዳዳሪ ዋጋ የቀርባል፡፡

የማምረት አቅም በዓመት

  • ፋብሪካ ሀ፡ 120,000 ሜትሪክ ቶን ግሬድ 40 የአርማታ ብረት እና ጥቅል ሽቦ
  • ፋብሪካ ለ፡ 150,000 ሜትሪክ ቶን ግሬድ 60 የአርማታ ብረት እና ጥቅል ሽቦ

ጥሬ እቃ

ፋብሪካችን በዋንኛነት ውድቅዳቂ (ስክራፕ) ብረት እና ቢሌት ለጥሬ እቃነት ይጠቀማል፡፡

ዋንኛ ምርቶች

ሀ. የአርማታ ብረት

  • ደረጃ፡ ግሬድ40 እና ግሬድ60
  • ውፍረት ፡ 8ሚ.ሜ-32ሚ.ሜ
  • ርዝመት፡ 12ሜትር
  • ልዩ ባህሪያት፡ ከፍተኛ ጥንካሬ፣ ለብየዳ ተስማሚ እና በደንብ የሚታጠፍ፣ የተሻለ ተለጣጭነት ያለውና እሳት እና ዝገትን መቋቋም የሚችል

ለ. ጥቅል ሽቦ

  • ለሌሎች የኢንዱስትሪ አገልግሎቶች የሚውል ወይም በቀጥታ ለኮንስትራክሽን ዘርፉ መዋል የሚችል፡፡
  • ውፍረት ፡ 5.5ሚ.ሜ-6.0ሚ.ሜ በጥቅል መል

ሐ. ሚስማሮች

  • ብራንድ፡ አፖሎ
  • ውፍረትና ርዝመት ፡ በሁሉም ዓይነት የሚገኝ

መ. እሾካማ/የአጥር ሽቦ - በተለያየ መጠንና ውፍረት የሚገኝ

ሠ. ፌሮ ማሰሪያ ሽቦ - በተለያየ መጠንና ውፍረት የሚገኝ

ረ. ጋልቫናይዝድ ሽቦ - በተለያየ መጠንና ውፍረት የሚገኝ

ሰ. አኒልድ ሽቦ - በተለያየ መጠንና ውፍረት የሚገኝ

ልዩ ባህሪያት

  • ለደህንነት እና ጥራት የተለየ ተኩረት እንሰጣለን
  • ከፍተኛ ጥራት የላቸው ምርቶች ለተለያየ አገልግሎት የሚውሉ (ለድልድይ፣ ለረጃጅም ህንፃዎች፣ ለግድብ፣ ለአርማታ፣ ለመሰረት ግንብ ግንባታ ፣ ወ.ዘ.ተ.) እናመርታለን፡፡
  • ምርታችንን በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ በፍጥነት እናቀርባለን፡፡