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You can advertise on and reach tens of thousands of business owners, executives, foreign and domestic investors, and foreign buyers and suppliers.



  1. One can target the business community
  2. Cheap and effective
  3. Modern


  1. People are getting results
  2. Five years in the industry
  3. Number of clients growing
  4. Big, medium, small companies and enterprises using it
  5. Private companies, Government offices, Interntaional organisations, NGO's using it




How can I Advertise on

  1. You can feature list your company on the business directory. We can also give you a page on the website where you can display your products and services: example - you can see the page we have done for a company called J & S here.This serves as a B2B platform and you can be seen by thousands of buyers and sellers from Ethiopia and abroad who use this B2B platform on looking for buyers or sellers of products and services. By taking this option, you will also be able to have full access to our tender service. Details of featured listing can be found here.
  2. You can take banner advertising which gives you better exposure. We provide banner spaces on the various pages and sections of the website Details can be found here.
  3. You can sponsor tender alerts sent to thousands of business owners, executives, marketing and purchasing managers everyday. For this option you can email us or call us.


Three reasons why you should advertise on 2merkato:

  1. 2merkato is tightly focused on connecting local businesses with local businesses and to international businesses. A kind of environment you find when participating in B2B bazaars. Business owners, executives, marketing professionals, foreign and local investors, and entrepreneurs from Ethiopia and more than 170 countries frequent the website. You will find Opportunities from Ethiopia and Beyond!

    Where do you get this kind of crowd at one place 24/7?

  2. In its business directory featured listing, it has probably the cheapest advertising options available in Ethiopia for values it can add to your business. For Br. 4000 + VAT per year, even businesses with tight budgets can put their company profile, product/service details and pictures, and their addresses and get buyers and sellers from Ethiopia and beyond.
  3. Online marketing is taking away great portion of traditional media revenue in developed and developing courtiers. It is a matter of time before we see the same trend in our country. Online marketing is effective, cheap and versatile. It’s a wise business decision to seriously consider online marketing as one of your marketing activity. Be smart, stay one step ahead of your competitors.If you have anything you can’t understand or you have some doubts about, we are here to help. We can consult you on one-on-one basis.

Is it effective?

Companies and organisations have been advertising their services, products, tenders. 2merkato has some notable clients such as Ethiopian Airlines, United Nations, Commercial Bank, Tagrow Bajaj, Emirates Airlines, and Sugar Corporation. Thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises from Ethiopia and foreign countries use our services

All these companies have benefited from the services of

  • Exporters have been contacted by buyers from abroad through
  • Organisations have broadened their vendor base by advertising their tender requirements on
  • Importers have been contacted by sellers with a better price and quality.
  • Service providers, manufacturers, engineering companies have been able to sell more products and services as result of advertising on



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