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Ethiopia: Modjo Green Logistics Centre Gears Up for Expansion

Modjo Dry

Ethiopia's Modjo Green Logistics Centre is undergoing a major expansion to become a world-class logistics hub. The project, funded by the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics and the World Bank, will double the centre's size and significantly boost its container handling capacity.

The expansion includes eight new mega warehouses, expanded terminals, and a state-of-the-art cold storage facility – a first for Ethiopian ports. This will address past storage limitations and allow for perishable food exports.

Upon completion in nine months, the centre will cover 162 hectares, allowing it to handle up to 1 million containers annually. This will not only address storage needs but also solidify the centre's role in Ethiopia's industrial park economy. The expansion aims to not just increase capacity but also modernize services, making the center more accessible and cost-effective.

The portcurrently boasts eight expansive mega warehouses, each spanning 5,400 square meters, equivalent to the size of a stadium. This substantial addition has effectively alleviated the shortage of warehouse space. Moreover, its terminals are equipped to concurrently handle up to 20,000 TEU containers, ensuring efficient operations.

Source (including image): Fana BC