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Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Gains Birr 27 Billion in Six Months

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Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics (ESL) collected Birr 27 billion in six months of the fiscal year, as announced by the organization.

The Chief Executive Officer of ESL, Dr. Beriso Amelo, acknowledged the challenges faced by the institution five years ago but emphasized the significant progress achieved during the reform process, particularly in improving efficiency. He highlighted the success of sea transport and logistics in terms of service quality, revenue generation, and profitability, surpassing the planned targets for the fiscal period with the collection of Birr 27 billion.

Dr. Amelo attributed these accomplishments to the establishment of supportive institutions by the government and the implementation of modern and efficient procedures. He emphasized the role of technology in enhancing deployment and monitoring operations, as well as the adoption of cost-saving measures that have contributed to the positive outcomes. Moving forward, Dr. Amelo outlined plans to further modernize income and expenditure services and expand shipping destinations. Currently, ESL serves 345 port destinations, facilitating streamlined export and import operations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency