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Ethiopian Airlines Becomes the Fastest Growing Airline Brand, Brand Finance

Ethiopian Airlines

Brand Finance named Ethiopian Airlines the fastest-growing airline brand globally, as the company announced the world's top 50 most valuable and strongest airline brands. The company’s 2023 report on the most valuable and strongest airline brands shows that Ethiopian Airlines, which is Africa's largest passenger and cargo carrier, has experienced a growth of 79%. It values the brand of the Ethiopian flag carrier to be USD 498 million.

The report reveals that Qatar Airways, whose brand value is estimated to be USD 2.5 billion, is Ethiopian Airlines’ major challenger. The report highlights that Qatar Airways is also among the fastest-growing brands.

Ethiopian Airlines Group has already achieved its vision 2025. It is working towards meeting its vision 2035 which is aimed at increasing the airline’s destinations to 207 from the current 131. The vision also aims to almost double the Ethiopian Airline’s fleet by increasing the airline’s number of aircraft to 271. In addition, the Group is envisioning to earn USD 25 billion in revenue by the year 2035.

The airline also has a vision of connecting Africa. In this regard, it is working with several African airlines such as A Sky Airlines which is based in Togo and Nigeria Air of Nigeria. The Group has a 27% share in A Sky Airlines and manages the airline. It is also managing Malawi Airlines in which it owns 49% of the total shares. It has also agreed with the Nigerian Government to help in the establishment of Nigeria Air.

Source: Brand Finance and 2Merkato Archives