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Ethiopia's Coffee Exports Show Strong Performance in May

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Ethiopia exported 43,481.02 tons of coffee in May this year, exceeding its target by 105%. The export was accompanied by a revenue increase, generating USD 209.54 million, which surpassed the planned income by 107%.

May's figures also show improvement compared to exports from the same month in the last two fiscal years. This positive trend continues for the year so far. Over the first 11 months, Ethiopia has exported a total of 252,466.98 tons of coffee, generating USD 1.208 billion USD.

Dr. Adugna Debela, Director General of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, acknowledged the contributions of all stakeholders. He expressed optimism that continued collaboration could lead to even better results in the coming months.

During the previous Ethiopian fiscal year, the country earned USD 1.3 billion in revenue from the export of around 240,000 tons of coffee.

Major destinations for Ethiopian coffee include Germany, USA, South Korea,Japan, Belgium, China, United Arab Emirates, and Italy. Ethiopia exports its coffee to above 50 countries.

Source: Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority

Additional source: 2Merkato Archives