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Ethiopia Gains USD 2.2 Million from Cotton


The Ministry of Agriculture announced earnings of USD 2.2 million from 800 tons of cotton produced in the past nine months. While this demonstrates potential, researchers warn that Ethiopia utilizes only a fraction of its suitable land for cotton cultivation.

Officials prioritize lowland areas like Gewane, Metema, and Humera for cotton growing. Ambitious plans for Gambella and Benishangul Gumuz regions faced setbacks due to financial and security constraints.

Despite planting 81,000 hectares out of a planned 105,000, Ethiopia achieved 80% of its cotton production target, yielding 1.5 million quintals. However, Samson Asefa, Chief Executive of Cotton Development, emphasizes the vast untapped potential. Ethiopia boasts roughly 3 million hectares ideal for cotton cultivation, significantly exceeding current production.

To address this gap, a 15-year national cotton development strategy is underway. Inspired by international best practices, the strategy focuses on modernizing marketing systems, maintaining quality, and integrating advanced technologies. Currently, Ethiopia operates 28 raw cotton ginning factories.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency