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Ethiopian Enterprise Development Secures USD 1 Million in Exports


Ethiopian Enterprise Development announced significant achievements in the past six months of the fiscal year, including the establishment of 1,493 small and medium industries, securing USD 17 million in exports, and generating 74,000 jobs.

These accomplishments exceeded initial targets, with the enterprise providing a loan of Birr 3.4 billion, surpassing the planned 2.9 billion Birr. Industries, particularly in sectors like garments, leather products, and agro-processing, showed promising export potential.

Efforts were made to enhance production capacity, financial capabilities, and industrial linkages, alongside initiatives to promote immediate production in medium-level enterprises. Challenges such as financing, skills gaps, market limitations, infrastructure deficiencies, and foreign exchange shortages persist, underscoring the need for collaborative efforts to overcome these hurdles and further boost industrial growth and job creation.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald