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Ethiopia: Ethiopia Generates USD 214 Million from Horticulture Exports

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In the last five months, Ethiopia has generated over USD 214 million from the export of horticultural products, according to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).

The export, totaling 122,611 tons, includes cut flowers, vegetables, fruits, roots, and aromatic products. Cut flowers contributed the most to revenue, with over USD 184.77 million, followed by vegetables, fruits, and aromatic products at USD 15.54 million, USD 7.225 million, and USD 7.18 million, respectively. Despite a 33% decrease in revenue, the export volume has increased by 7.8%. The main destinations for Ethiopian horticultural products include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Abdela Negash, MoA Horticulture Lead Development Executive, stated that recently held Dubai and Qatar Expos had made a significant contribution in expanding market access and promoting products. He also noted that the country has not been gaining adequate benefit from the sector due to poor attention, political instability, absence adequate and quality product, lack of storage and transportation.

The Ministry of Agriculture aims to generate USD 741.8 million in the fiscal year from the export of 351,030,031.71 kg of flowers, vegetables, and fruits. According to the Ministry concerted efforts are underway to ensure exports meet the desired quality standards and are packaged attractively, thus maintaining Ethiopia's competitiveness in the global market.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald