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Ethiopia Gains USD 3 Billion from Tourism

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Ethiopia amassed USD 3.06 billion from the tourism sector in the past nine months. During the aforementioned period, more than 774,000 foreign tourists visited Ethiopia.

The Ministry revealed that efforts were made to strengthen existing and new tourist attractions and enhance the competitiveness of tourism destinations by adding value.

Alemayheu Getachew, the Ministry's Head of Communication and Public Relations, stated that efforts were underway to increase the sector's income by expanding and promoting tourist destinations. Accordingly, new tourism destinations, such as the Gebeta LeHager projects (Gorgora, Wonchi, Halala Kela, Koisha), Jimma Aba Jifar Palace, and Sinqele Korkes' Village, are being put into full operation. Alemayehu stated that the tourism sector would be further boosted through accessible promotion methods, allowing foreign tourists to visit Ethiopia's tourist attractions.

Tourist destination and infrastructure development and destination marketing are some of the major focus areas of the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry’s website states that the Ministry works to identify gaps and carry out major interventions in the development of tourism, infrastructure, roads, utilities, hotels, and visitor centers. In addition, the Ministry carries out market research and insight-gathering activities to develop destination brands and lead and engage in the marketing, promotion, and public relations of the destinations.

Source: Fana BC

Additional source: 2Merkato Archives