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Ethiopia Gains USD 907 Million from Coffee and Tea Export


Ethiopia gained USD 907.56 million in nine months by exporting more than 169 thousand tons of coffee, tea, and spices. Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United State, Kenya, the United Kingdom, China, and India were the major export destinations.

Ethiopian coffee export to Europe has been affected the Ukraine-Russia war. As a result, the country has diversified its market destination and has started exporting coffee to countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Ethiopia aims to increase annual coffee export to USD 4.6 billion within 15 years and its global coffee market share to 1.26 METRIC TONS BY 2033. By increasing the export volume, the country is also planning to increase its farmers’ income from the product to USD 3.5 billion and create employment opportunities for 2.7 million people.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency