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Ethiopia Generates USD 74 Million from Meat Export

Meat Export

Ethiopia's meat exports have brought in USD 74 million during the last nine months of the 2022/2023 fiscal year, as reported by the Livestock Development Institute (LDI). Ethiopia exported 16,000 tons of meat to the global market during this period.

According to Sahilu Mulu (PhD), the Deputy Director General of LDI's Social Economy Management Research Department, sheep and goat meat exports generated USD 72 million USD while exports from fish, processed honey and wax, milk and dairy products, chicken, and fodder products generated over USD 2 million.

Currently, 12 meat processing industries that have met the required food safety and quality standards are exporting their products to foreign markets. The main destinations for Ethiopian meat and related products are UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. According to LDI, Ethiopia is working to penetrate Chinese and other viable markets by improving the quality of meat and dairy products.

Ethiopia ranks sixth in the world in livestock resources. Studies show that it has the potential to export 200 thousand tons of meat per year. In November last year, the Ministry of Agriculture launched a National Red Meat Strategy which was formulated to increase red meat production and export, enhance the red meat markets, and develop the productivity of feed industries.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency and 2Merkato Archives

Image source: Ethiopian Business Review