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Ethiopia Gains USD 57.7 Million from Meat Export

Meat Export

Ethiopia earned a revenue of USD 57.73 million in the past seven months from exporting 10,434 tons of meat and meat by-products. The country was also able to gain close to USD 1.5 million from honey, wax, and camel milk during the same period. Goat meat was the most exported type of meat which registered USD 50.2 million from the total revenue gained from meat export.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the top destinations for Ethiopian meat exports. A significant amount of meat products is also exported to Qatar, Bahrain, and Vietnam. On the other hand, Somalia, Somaliland, and Djibouti are major importers of camel milk from Ethiopia while honey exporters mainly target European and Far East markets.

According to the Ethiopian Livestock Development Institute, Ethiopia is working to penetrate Chinese and other viable markets by improving the quality of meat and dairy products.

Ethiopia ranks sixth in the world in livestock resources. Studies show that it has the potential to export 200 thousand tons of meat per year. In November 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture launched a National Red Meat Strategy which was formulated to increase red meat production and export, enhance the red meat markets, and develop the productivity of feed industries.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald and Fana BC

Image source: Ethiopian Business Review