Bench Majji Earns 900 Mln Birr from Coffee

The Bench Majji Zone of the Southern Nations and Nationalities and People's Regional State earned about 900 million birr from sale of over 11,480 tonnes of coffee supplied to the market over the fiscal year which ended on 7 July 2011, the market cooperatives department of the zone said.

The 11,480 tonnes of coffee was supplied to the market by eight districts in the Bench Majji zone over the reported period.

The amount was greater than that supplied the previous year by more than 2,800 tonnes while the income exceeded by 528.7 million birr according to the department.

The department attributed the increase in the amount and the income to the activities carried out following the rise of coffee price in the world market.

Farmers in Kombolcha in the Amhara Regional State also earned 51 million birr from urban agricultural products developed through irrigation, the agriculture and rural development office of the town's administration said.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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